Day 1 → Depart Chiang Mai, Arrive at Lodge

We depart Chiang Mai at 8:00am and arrive at our cosy lodge at 1pm. We will then eat lunch at the lodge and have some time to settle into our cabins. At around 4pm we will set off to explore Tham Lod cave by rafting through this large cave on bamboo rafts to see the spectacular bird flight at the mouth of the cave around sunset.
We will use this setting to do our introductions and push into the first section of the curriculum called “Gleanings”. Here we will look deep into our past and present as we reflect to gather information that will be used later as we walk towards narrowing our specific design.

Eat dinner at the lodge and continue with after dinner discussion.

Day 2 → Caving with "Dreams" curriculum

We will awake to the peaceful sounds of birds and ready to engage a full day of activity and adventure. After eating a hearty breakfast of homemade muffins we will set out an all day cave adventure to Tham Nam Hoo Cave. This cave is about 4km long and will offer beautiful views of ancient cave formations. We will spend all day navigating this cave – at some points possibly even swimming in the cave water – and will pack a lunch and eat it inside the cave.
At lunch and during the caving tour we will stop to receive our “Dreams” input and do some journaling accordingly. As we discover the hidden beauty inside this grandiose cavern we will also look deep into our own hearts to find the treasures of hope and desire that have been placed there. The stillness of this unique environment will inspire us to think in large and creative ways that will parallel and complement the entire dreaming process.

We will return to the lodge for dinner, more good conversation and reflection, and a great night’s sleep.

Day 3 → Kayaking with "Values" curriculum

Today we will be walking through curriculum that unearths our personal values.Knowing our values helps us make important decisions about our priorities and our time. This day will take us out onto a river for a full day of kayaking. As the river
flows beneath us in our kayaks and moves us forward past the pristine forests of northern Thailand we will move forward into better knowing why we make the decisions we do and what is really behind our wiring.

As in the previous day, we will eat breakfast and dinner at the lodge and then pack a lunch for our all day adventure tour on the river. At night we will again nestle into the lodge and may even have the opportunity to sit around a warm fire pit and talk through the days exciting events. We will settle into our beds with full bellies and satisfied hearts.

Day 4 → Hiking with "Convergence" curriculum

This last and final day of full adventure will take us through the wild hill country near Thai Karen hill tribes as we hike to a remote waterfall.

Along the way we will stop for lunch and work through material that helps us flush out a “mini-convergence” experience. This “mini-convergence” can be defined as even a few small moments in the past when we felt like we were firing on all cylinders and walking in our “sweet spot”. We will use this to uncover larger truths about our own place in the bigger picture.

Day 5 → Debrief and Declarations, return to Chiang Mai

Today we will wake up to another great breakfast and finish the course off in the comfort of the lodge. Here we will pull together all the previous inputs of the week to make some conclusions about our ultimate purpose and destiny. These conclusions will allow us to make powerful declarations that summarize and reveal our recent discoveries about our potential and purpose. We will close with a final debrief and leave for Chiang Mai just after lunch. We will return to Chiang Mai around 5pm.