Day 1 → Depart Xining, at 2,500 meters above sea level, to drive 5.5 hours through the open grasslands to Tongde

Here we can watch nomads milk yaks and make fresh yoghurt. Observe the simple life of a Tibetan nomad as they herd yaks and collect dung for fuel for their stoves.
Sleep in in a nomad tent stay or guesthouse in Tongde, depending on the season.

Day 2 → Drive from the grasslands of Tongde to the capital of Golok Tibetans, Machen town (Dawu in Chinese)

Along the way we will wind our way through a narrow gorge to then stop to view an incredible monastery on a river that is carved into the steep cliffs just north of Machen town. Machen is a center of trade for nomads and sits at 3,700 meters. Just outside of town there is a hill where we can do a short day hike into several stands of prayer flags to get a great view of town.
Sleep in a hotel in Machen town - treasuring our last view of civilization before we journey into the wild.

Day 3 → Drive to the base of the Amnye Machen glacier

Based on our acclimatization over the last few days, we drive to the base of the Amnye Machen glacier to catch our first view the glorious peak at its height at 6282 meter/20,610 feet. Today we will set up our base camp at 4,200 meters right in the heart of the rocks and river that flow down from the glacier. This area will give us a great chance to photograph the Amnye Machen range and its massive glaciers.
Here we will set up a base camp that we will stay at for the next 3 nights to fully enjoy all the mountain has to offer.

Day 4 → A day hike

From the base camp we will take a day hike up to a view point. Today’s trail follows a yak trail that follows the glacial moraine. The hike is around 10 km roundtrip and gains some 500 meters in elevation.
Sleep in tents in our base camp.

Day 5 → Another day hike

From our base camp in rocky moraine we will take another day hike for another perspective of the the glacier. Our day hike will gain about 700 meters in elevation and is about 7 km of roundtrip walking. This is the steeper and harder of the hikes, however we will have taken the time to properly acclimatize to this point.
Sleep in tents in our base camp.

Day 6 → View the stars from our desert hideaway

Depart the glacier base camp and drive to 5.5 hours to camp in a tent that is tucked behind a sand dune near Heka village in the remote grassland steppe that Hainan Prefecture is known for. Here we will view the stars from our desert hideaway and have the chance to play, roll, and slide down the slopes of the sand dunes as we dethaw from the snow and ice.

Day 7 → Depart our campsite near Heka and drive 3.5 hours back to Xining.