Day 1 →

  • 8:30am- Depart Xining. Drive 1.5 hours to LaJi Mountain
  • 10:00am- Arrive LaJi Shan and
  • 10:10am- Group introductions and icebreaker activity
  • 10:30am- Short 15 minute hike into Red Rock cliff area
  • 10:45am- Rest and snack
  • 11:00- Team building activity A: Teamwork and leadership
  • 12:00pm- Team building activity B: Unity under stress
  • 12:30pm- Lunch
  • 1:00pm- Team building activity C: Better group communication
  • 1:30pm- Team building activity D: Goal setting
  • 2:30pm- Final Debrief and Conclusions
  • 3:30pm- Depart For Xining
  • 6:00pm- Arrive back in Xining

NOTE: The above schedule is just a sample itinerary of what we could do in one day. Team building activities can be tailored to suit the group’s needs and desires. We will be happy to work with you to implement different activities that best complement the specific areas you want to work on within your own group. Every team building event we run is totally unique and the activities are hand picked based on the goals of the group.

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