With nicknames such as “the Roof of the World,” “the Third Pole” and “Asia’s Water Tower,” the Tibetan Plateau, which encompasses an area greater than Western Europe, is a place of great geological and cultural importance. It provides water for more than half of Asia and is home to the Himalayas, the highest mountains in the world.

Tibet is still today one of the least populated and most remote parts of the world, mostly due to its mountainous and harsh geographical features. The mountain ranges that surround Tibet create a barrier from the rest of the world, leaving some places in Tibet uninhabited. The mountains in Tibet average 22,960 feet high, earning the nickname “Roof of the World”. In Tibet, there are five mountains over 26,240 feet high, including the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest. Tibet is a great playground for hikers, climbers, and mountaineers. Also, frequent flights to Lhasa, Xining, Lanzhou, Chengdu, and Kunming, along with convenient rail and bus access have made this once secluded mystic Buddhist kingdom more easily accessible than ever.

In Tibet, Buddhism is not just a religious belief, it is a  way of life. You can see the influence of Buddhism throughout this region. Tibetans view the environment as a place where humans and nature coexist, therefore most of their land is colorful and pure. There are a great number of sacred sites, such as monasteries, nunneries, and palaces, to explore while in Tibet.

The Tibetan Plateau is home to an enormous number of glaciers; on the side facing China alone, the area supports 37,000 glaciers. These glaciers feed Asia’s largest rivers, including the Ganges, the Mekong, the Yellow, and the Yangtze. Civilizations continue to utilize the water provided by these rivers. National Geographic asserts that: “All told, some two billion people in more than a dozen countries -- nearly a third of the world's population -- depend on rivers fed by the snow and ice of the plateau region.”

Spring, Summer, Fall

Biking Around Qinghai Lake

6 nights / 7 days 2-15 $ Please Inquire USD/ person
If you are looking for an epic adventure on the roof of the world in Tibet, you have found it in this 6 night / 7 day adventure where we cycle 360km around Qinghai Lake!  Cycle for 4.5 days [...]

Spring, Summer, Fall

Xining to Chengdu Overland Tour

10 nights / 11 days 2-15 $ Please Inquire USD/ person
In this tour you will drive 1200 km overland through some of the most classic scenes of Amdo Tibet as you journey from the Xining, the capital of Qinghai Province, to Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan Province.  This tour [...]

Spring, Summer, Fall

The Land of Yaks

13 nights /14 days 2-15 $ Please Inquire USD/ person
One of our Tibetan guides has famously said, "If we have the yak, we have enough"  This statement represents the incredible importance of the yak in Tibetan culture, using this animal to produce  everything from clothing to fuel to [...]

Summer and Fall

Adventures in Kham (Eastern Tibet)

14 nights / 15 days 2-15 $ 3650 USD/ person

The Kham Tibetan people live in some of the wildest and most magnificent lands in all the Tibetan Plateau. In this in-depth overland tour we start and finish in Chengdu and make our way to Kangding, Tagong, [...]

Anytime of year

Half Day Cooking Class

1 day 2-20 $ Please Inquire USD/ person
Come learn to make Tibetan dumplings with us from real Tibetan nomads!  This is a recipe used across Tibet, Bhutan, India, and Nepal and you will enjoy not just making the food but eating the fruits of your labor!


Trekking Nangchen: Splendor and Majesty

11 nights / 12 days 2-12 $ Please Inquire USD/ person
The Kham Tibetan people live in some of the wildest and most magnificent lands in all the Tibetan Plateau. In this in-depth trekking tour we start and finish in Yushu, a central trading town deep in the heart of [...]

Any time of the year

Qinghai Lake Adventure

3 nights / 4 days 2-15 $ Please Inquire USD/ person
Qinghai Lake for the last several years has offered only very touristy sites that are full of Chinese tour buses.  The lake itself is 120km long and offers a gorgeous view across huge spans of bright, turquoise waves.  However, [...]

Available all year

Wild Rebkong

2 nights / 3 days 2-15 $ 800 USD/ person
If you are looking to get out of the city and sleep in the peace and quiet of the Tibetan countryside - this is the tour for you.  Venture to Qinghai's largest monastery, Rebkong Longwu monastery and then sleep [...]

June 9-15, 2019

Victoria Shanghai Academy Hong Kong with the Hutong

6 nights / 7 days 15-25 $ Please Inquire USD/ person
Strap on your boots and and get ready for adventure! Our week-long trip will begin and finish in Gansu’s provincial capital Lanzhou. A cross between wilderness and cultural exploration, our journey will take us to secluded temples, remote gorge and [...]

Available all year

Qinghai Lake and Kanbula National Park

2 nights / 3 days 2-15 $ Please Inquire USD/ person
Qinghai Province has only 5.5 million people yet it's size, at 722, 300 square kilometers, is bigger than Myanmar, France, or Afghanistan as individual nations.  There is a lot of room here and a lot of open space for [...]

Anytime of year

Qinghai Lake and Serdzong Monastery

2 nights / 3 days 2-15 $ Please Inquire USD/ person
Qinghai Lake or 青海湖 , as the largest salt lake in China and with an altitude of 3,200 meters above sea level, and one of the 4 holiest lakes in Tibet is the definitive icon of Qinghai Province.  The [...]

Available from May to October

Glamping in the Plateau

5 nights / 6 days 2-15 $ Please Inquire USD/ person
Traveling to rugged areas does not have to mean shivering in the cold next to a frozen yak or sleeping in dirty 2 star hotels. Now you can travel in luxury while experiencing the depth of one of the [...]

Anytime of year

Two Unique Monasteries

1 day 2-25 $ Please inquire USD/ person
Only have one day to explore Xining?  Here is a great way to see 2 amazing Buddhist monasteries that are both very close to the capital of Qinghai Province.  These monasteries hold so many brilliant colors and so [...]

Please inquire

Incredible Northern Yunnan

7 nights / 8 days 2-15 $ Please Inquire USD/ person


Yunnan means “south of the clouds” and you will discover why as you explore the misty mountains, gaping gorges, and colorful cultures of Northern Yunnan. Located on the threshold of the Himalayas, visitors [...]

September 11-20, 2018

Chola Mountain

9 nights / 10 days 4-12 $ 3500 USD/ person

Chola Mountain, altitude 6,168 meters, is part of the northern section of the Sharuli Mountain Chain in the southeastern part of the Tibetan Plateau. It is located in Dege County, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan Province. [...]

Please inquire

Lhasa to Mount Kailash and Guge Kingdom

16 nights/ 17 days 4-12 $ 2950 USD/ person
The Lhasa to Mount Kailash and Guge Kingdom Group Tour will start in Tibet's holy city, Lhasa at 3,600 meters. After 3 days exploring the most renowned sites of Tibetan Buddhism, including the Potala Palace, Sera Monastery, and the [...]

Open dates

Gansu’s Silk Road Hexi Corridor + Amdo Tibet

9 nights / 10 days 2-10 $ 2700 USD/ person

For centuries Gansu was a vital trade corridor between China and Central Asia.  From Lanzhou a 1200-kilometer section of the Silk Road stretches through barren desert in the shadow of the Qilian Mountains to modern day [...]

Please Inquire

Team Building Weekend at Kanbula National Park

2 nights / 3 days 5-25 $ Please Inquire USD/ person
Don't just settle for going out to Karaoke or another fancy dinner at hot pot with your boss.  Change your entire work environment for the better with a fun, satisfying, transformative experience. Really bond with your team and start [...]

Please Inquire

Mount Haba Expedition

6 nights / 7 days 1-20 $ 2000 USD/ person

Mount Haba, located in Shangri-La County, Yunnan Province, is the third highest peak in Yunnan Province located at 5396 meters above sea level. Mount Haba is particularly well know for its breathtaking scenery. Rising high above the [...]

Please Inquire

Four Sisters Mountain Peak Three

6 nights / 7 days 1-20 $ 1800 USD/ person

Four Sisters Mountain Peak Three is located in charmingly beautiful Northeastern Sichuan Province and is the third of the Four Sisters Mountains with an altitude of 5,355 meters. Peak Three is a more difficult and technical climb [...]

Please Inquire

Four Sisters Peak One, Peak Two, and Peak Three Combined

9 nights / 10 days 1-20 $ 2300 USD/ person

Four Sisters Mountain Peak One, Peak Two, and Peak Three are located in charmingly beautiful Northeastern Sichuan Province. Both Peak One and Peak Two are introductory high altitude peaks with moderate difficulty. Peak Three is a moderately [...]

Please Inquire

Yuzhu Feng Expedition

10 nights / 11 days 2-20 $ 3950 USD/ person

Have you ever read Jon Krakauer's "Into Thin Air" and thought, "Man I would love to climb Everest some day!"  And then you realized that you have no real high altitude experience and you certainly don't have [...]

August 9-18 / September 13-20 / October 11-20 / November 1-10

The Headwaters of the Yellow River

9 nights / 10 days 6-15 $ 2170 USD/ person
Adventure awaits as we explore the glacier of one of Tibet’s holiest mountains, Amnye Machen, and the headwaters of the Yellow River, China’s second longest river.

Trekking Legendary Minya Konka

12 nights / 13 days 2-15 $ 3150 USD/ person
Mount Gongga, also known as Minya Konka by the local Kham Tibetans, is the highest mountain in Sichuan province, China. It is also known to locals as "The King of Sichuan Mountains".

Team building Weekend Event

2 nights / 3 days 6-25 $ 176 USD/ person
You can’t grow if you are always sitting in your safe, familiar comfort zone. Push you and your team beyond the norm and reach greater heights as you ascend a 3,500 meter mountain pass and discover what really lies [...]


5 nights / 6 days 4-20 $ 795 USD/ person
Niko is a 6 day wilderness and experiential learning-based curriculum. We will explore HuZhu BeiShan National Park, one of China’s most beautiful parks filled with pristine rivers, waterfalls, verdant forests, and awesome 4,200 meter high rocky spires.

Laji Mountain one day team building

1 day 6-30 $ 97 USD/ person
After 15 years of group facilitation experience, Ben Cubbage, is passionate about leadership development and optimizing performance through better communication and teamwork.

Sharzong Ritod Monastery Day Trip

1 day 2-20 $ 97 USD/ person
Walk up winding stairs into a hidden monastery perched high on a cliff face to encounter a small but beautiful temple built right into the rock. All this is only about 1.5 hours drive from Xining.

YouNing Monastery Day trip

1 day 2-25 $ 125 USD/ person
This is one of the most fantastic day trips you can make from Xining. If you have limited time and want to combine an incredible hike in craggy mountains with visiting a remote Buddhist hermitage tucked away in steep [...]

Qinghai Lake Day Trip

1 day 2-25 $ Please Inquire USD/ person
Visit the shining turquoise waters of China’s largest saltwater lake. This lake is so huge that it really feels more like staring across a limitless expanse of ocean than just looking at mere lake. Whether you visit in the [...]

Thangka Paintings and Yak Yoghurt

1 night / 2 days 2-25 $ 317 USD/ person
Come sample a staple of the Tibetan diet: a cup of creamy freshly made yak yoghurt. Then explore Qinghai’s largest monastery, Longwu Monastery, famous for it’s intricate Thangka paintings. With over 800 monks you’ll be sure to find something [...]

Kanbula and Labrang

2 nights / 3 days 2-25 $ 416 USD/ person
Kanbula National Park is one of Qinghai’s greatest natural treasures. Seated near the banks of the Yellow River, Kanbula offers incredible free standing finger-like sandstone formations. Then travel to Labrang town to wander through Labrang monastery and be amazed [...]

Please inquire

DDQ Wild! Qinghai, Western China

5 nights / 6 days 6-20 $ 650 USD/ person
Destiny Discovery Quest WILD! Camp by an alpine lake, and climb through boreal forest to discover rugged granite mountains Best time of year: late April - mid October This is a 6 day backpacking and camping trip that uses the wilderness as [...]

Amdo Soul

11 nights / 12 days 2-10 $ 2207 USD/ person
Amdo is the traditional Tibetan region found on the northeast area of the Tibetan Plateau located in modern day Qinghai, southwest Gansu and northern Sichuan provinces. Amdo is home to over 25% of the total Tibetan population of China [...]

Xunhua to Rebkong Backpacking

5 nights / 6 days 2-25 $ 936 USD/ person
You don’t really understand a culture until you have walked through it. Strap on a backpack and walk for 3 nights/ 4 days across wide grasslands, alpine meadows, coniferous forests, red rock bluffs, and over a 3,500 meter saddle [...]

The Spirit of the Glacier: Trekking Amnye Machen

6 nights / 7 days 2-15 $ 1147 USD/ person
This is our most rugged, adventurous trip for those looking to trek to 4,800 meters to stand on top of a glacier on Qinghai’s tallest mountain, Amnye Machen. We will make a loop to and from Xining with Amnye [...]

Please inquire

Sutras and Saddles

3 nights / 4 days 2-20 $ 840 USD/ person
A sutra is a part of Buddhism’s canonical scriptures, many of which are regarded as records of the oral teachings of the original Gautama Buddha. Hear the lulling chant of nuns reciting sacred sutras as you explore the halls [...]

Please Inquire

Red Rocks and Monasteries

4 nights / 5 days 2-20 $ Please Inquire USD/ person
This trip has it all. We pack in a huge amount of diversity in just 5 days. Camping under the stars on top of a 3,500 meter sandstone cliff. Hiking through a miniature Grand Canyon to the top of [...]

Please Inquire

Prayers in the Plateau

7 nights / 8 days 2-20 $ Please Inquire USD/ person
Strap on your boots and and get ready for adventure! Our week-long trip will begin in Qinghai’s provincial capital, Xining, and finish in Gansu’s provincial capital Lanzhou. A cross between wilderness and cultural exploration, our journey will take us to [...]

Pilgrim’s Pride

4 nights / 5 days 2-20 $ 760 USD/ person
See the most venerated monasteries of Qinghai and Gansu Province. The monasteries of Rebkong and Labrang are deeply spiritual centers that are visited by 1,000’s of pilgrims who walk, ride, and prostrate sometimes over months for the blessing and [...]

Wild Golok: The tribe of the Yellow River

13 nights /14 days 2-15 $ 2207 USD/ person
The Golok Tibetan people live in some of the wildest and most magnificent lands in all the Tibetan Plateau. Is this in depth overland tour we start in Chengdu and finish in Xining and see the mighty Nyenbo Yurtse [...]

Please Inquire

Nyenbo Yurtse

7 nights / 8 days 2-15 $ 1770 USD/ person
Trek past fields of Edelweiss and yaks grazing near turquoise glacial lakes and discover the dramatic shark tooth peaks of Nyenbo Yurtse. This the home to Tibetan nomads who live at the base of a mountain that hovers at [...]

Mountain Reverie

10 nights / 11 days 2-15 $ 1908 USD/ person
Go wild in the mountains of Tibet! This 10 day backpacking adventure gets you far away from the hustle and bustle of the city to a place of calm and refreshment. The route takes you up through nomadic herding [...]

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