DDQ Wild: personal development in the wild

Are you ready to get away from the traffic, the noise, and the crowded lines at the grocery store?

Would you like to learn more about where your talents, gifts, and callings fit into the bigger picture?

Come join us for the Destiny Discovery Quest WILD! (aka DDQ WILD!)

The Destiny Discovery Quest is a 20 hour curriculum that uses powerful questions, life coaching, and journaling to set you on a journey to discover and walk in what you were made for. We have taken this engaging curriculum and put it inside an event that is part retreat and part adventure and all fun! The mental journey we will engage together will parallel the adventure and discovery of our 4 night/ 5 day physical journey as we explore caves, hike mountains, and kayak rivers in an untouched environment.

Every day we will have about a half day of adventure activities mixed with a half day of teaching and facilitation. Topics include: finding your values, identifying your dreams and the natural barriers that prevent them, and And, of course, there will be lots of great food and chances for your own quiet reflection in a tranquil atmosphere.

The DDQ Wild! event happens in many different locations from the jungles of Thailand to the high, snowy peaks of Tibet, but whatever the location you will find you get a chance to walk into your greater potential in a stunning natural environment.

October 2- October 8, 2018

DDQ Wild! Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand

4 nights / 5 days 6-20 $ 650 USD/ person
Destiny Discovery Quest WILD! Swim through a cave, and kayak and hike through the jungles in the Golden Triangle of Northern Thailand Best time of year: Spring, Fall or Winter The DDQ WILD! is set against a mountain backdrop that is a [...]

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DDQ Wild! Qinghai, Western China

5 nights / 6 days 6-20 $ 650 USD/ person
Destiny Discovery Quest WILD! Camp by an alpine lake, and climb through boreal forest to discover rugged granite mountains Best time of year: late April - mid October This is a 6 day backpacking and camping trip that uses the wilderness as [...]

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DDQ Wild! Mount Rinjani, Indonesia

5 nights / 6 days 6-20 $ 800 USD/ person
Mount Rinjani, Lombok, Indonesia Destiny Discovery Quest WILD! Climb to the summit of a volcano to 3,726 meters on top of Indonesia’s 2rd highest volcano and discover and awesome sunrise and a whole new dimension of your design. Best Time of Year: Spring, [...]

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DDQ Wild! Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

4 nights / 5 days 6-20 $ 650 USD/ person
Destiny Discovery Quest WILD! Sleep in a authentic Mongolian yurt, and ascend the crags where dinosaurs once roamed to find out what you were really made for. Best time of year: late April - mid October Venture into the great expanse of [...]

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