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Eco tours on the Tibetan Plateau, India, Nepal and Mongolia

We offer eco tours and unique experiences that are off the beaten track on the Tibetan Plateau and beyond that benefit the local communities.

Our tours and treks are culturally immersive and full of wonder and life and focus on small group sizes and authentic experiences.

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  • high altitude, Tibet

    How to prepare for High Altitude

    People always ask me, “How can I prepare for a trip to high altitude in Tibet?”

    Here are ways to make your next trip safe and happy and healthy.  From preventative acclimatization to proper care if you get mild or severe altitude sickness this post will answer a lot of the questions around high altitude sickness.

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  • YouNing Monastery – a great day trip from Xining

    YouNing Monastery – a great day trip from Xining!

    Looking for a great day trip from Xining?  Get away from the crowds and mass tourism of Qinghai Lake and discover a piece of monastic history that few foreigners have ever laid eyes on.

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  • Packing a backpack

    The ABC’s of packing a backpack

    Packing for a trip can be stressful.

    What should I bring? What’s the weather like? How many pairs of underwear do I need?

    Find out the answers to these questions and more in this blog.

    Become a pro-packer and feel good about what’s on your back!

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  • The Minya Konka glacial lake

    Six days of trekking bliss on Minya Konka

    Minya Konka, or Mount GongGa, is the highest peak in Sichuan Province at  7,556 m (24,790 ft).  This also gives it the distinction of being the 41st tallest mountain in the world and the easternmost 7,000 meter high (23,000 ft) peak in the world.  It is also the the third highest peak outside of the Himalaya/Karakoram range , after Tirich Mir and Kongur Tagh.

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  • The jagged peaks and alpine lakes of Nyenbo Yurtse

    The jagged peaks and alpine lakes of Nyenbo Yurtse

    Trek past fields of Edelweiss and yaks grazing near turquoise glacial lakes and discover the dramatic shark tooth peaks of Nyenbo Yurtse. This the home to Tibetan nomads who live at the base of a mountain that hovers at a lofty 5369 meters/17,615 feet.

    This majestic, holy mountain range is home to over 14 peaks that are over 5,000 meters and is considered the cradle of the Golok Tibetan tribes.

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  • Kilian Jornet set the speed record for ascending Mount Everest

    The fastest ascent of Everest

    In this post find out how Kilian Jornet set the speed record for ascending Mount Everest on May 21 and 22, 2017.

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