Day 1 → Xining to Huzhu Beishan National Park

Leave at 10 am from Xining. Drive 2 hours to HuZhu BeiShan National Park through a stunning mountain pass. We will have an excellent lunch of some of the local food near the park. Arrive and set up camp in the afternoon. As we arrive we will do introductions and some low ropes team building activities to set the tone for the week. We will begin to learn about leadership and teamwork through activities focused on hands on experiential education.

Day 2 → Familiarity with map and compass and short day hike

This day has a theme of “Surrender”. Participants learn to surrender their individual wills and aims to contribute to the effectiveness of the team and the needs of others. This day will present an individual physical challenge in the morning, and then a map and compass course that will allow participants to become familiar with new skills and the terrain. The afternoon curriculum will focus on cross cultural work as we seek to understand the needs and values of the local Tibetan culture. We will also “walk a mile in their shoes” to really grasp and appreciate their culture. This will be an exercise in stretching worldview and in learning how others cultures live outside of our normal urban or suburban context.

Day 3: →  All day hike using map and compass

This day has a theme of “Teamwork”. Participants will go for an all day hike. Using the skills they have acquired in the previous day they will navigate through unchartered and remote terrain. There is an emphasis in teamwork to overcome the day’s challenges and discover strengths in their own personal leadership style.

Day 4 → Service and teamwork focus

This day has a theme of “Service”. Participants will learn the importance of humility and servanthood as they work together in a service project to the local community. They will also serve and encourage each other as they call out the meaningful and acts of their peers in the former days. There will be a special surprise at the end of the day to cap off the event.

Day 5 → Debrief and return to Xining

This is the final day. We will wake up and have our final debrief before leaving the Niko site. We will then board a vehicle and make the two hour trip back to Xining. Participants should arrive in Xining and be finished with the course by mid-afternoon. We can arrange a hostel/hotel for participants to stay the night to get a good night’s sleep

Day 6 → Depart Xining

Fly, train, or bus out of Xining. We say good bye and carry the experience back into our everyday lives.

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