Cultural Tours

Get up close with monks and monasteries, sleep in a Tibetan homestay and live like a local nomad

Spring, Summer, Fall

Biking Around Qinghai Lake

6 nights / 7 days 2-15 $ Please Inquire USD/ person
If you are looking for an epic adventure on the roof of the world in Tibet, you have found it in this 6 night / 7 day adventure where we cycle 360km around Qinghai Lake!  Cycle for 4.5 days [...]

Spring, Summer, Fall

Xining to Chengdu Overland Tour

10 nights / 11 days 2-15 $ Please Inquire USD/ person
In this tour you will drive 1200 km overland through some of the most classic scenes of Amdo Tibet as you journey from the Xining, the capital of Qinghai Province, to Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan Province.  This tour [...]

Spring, Summer, Fall

The Land of Yaks

13 nights /14 days 2-15 $ Please Inquire USD/ person
One of our Tibetan guides has famously said, "If we have the yak, we have enough"  This statement represents the incredible importance of the yak in Tibetan culture, using this animal to produce  everything from clothing to fuel to [...]

Summer and Fall

Adventures in Kham (Eastern Tibet)

14 nights / 15 days 2-15 $ 3650 USD/ person

The Kham Tibetan people live in some of the wildest and most magnificent lands in all the Tibetan Plateau. In this in-depth overland tour we start and finish in Chengdu and make our way to Kangding, Tagong, [...]

Available all year

Wild Rebkong

2 nights / 3 days 2-15 $ 800 USD/ person
If you are looking to get out of the city and sleep in the peace and quiet of the Tibetan countryside - this is the tour for you.  Venture to Qinghai's largest monastery, Rebkong Longwu monastery and then sleep [...]

Available all year

Qinghai Lake and Kanbula National Park

2 nights / 3 days 2-15 $ Please Inquire USD/ person
Qinghai Province has only 5.5 million people yet it's size, at 722, 300 square kilometers, is bigger than Myanmar, France, or Afghanistan as individual nations.  There is a lot of room here and a lot of open space for [...]

Anytime of year

Qinghai Lake and Serdzong Monastery

2 nights / 3 days 2-15 $ Please Inquire USD/ person
Qinghai Lake or 青海湖 , as the largest salt lake in China and with an altitude of 3,200 meters above sea level, and one of the 4 holiest lakes in Tibet is the definitive icon of Qinghai Province.  The [...]

Available from May to October

Glamping in the Plateau

5 nights / 6 days 2-15 $ Please Inquire USD/ person
Traveling to rugged areas does not have to mean shivering in the cold next to a frozen yak or sleeping in dirty 2 star hotels. Now you can travel in luxury while experiencing the depth of one of the [...]

Please inquire

Incredible Northern Yunnan

7 nights / 8 days 2-15 $ Please Inquire USD/ person


Yunnan means “south of the clouds” and you will discover why as you explore the misty mountains, gaping gorges, and colorful cultures of Northern Yunnan. Located on the threshold of the Himalayas, visitors [...]

Open dates

Gansu’s Silk Road Hexi Corridor + Amdo Tibet

9 nights / 10 days 2-10 $ 2700 USD/ person

For centuries Gansu was a vital trade corridor between China and Central Asia.  From Lanzhou a 1200-kilometer section of the Silk Road stretches through barren desert in the shadow of the Qilian Mountains to modern day [...]

February 15-19, 2019

Mongolian Lunar New Year

4 nights / 5 days 12 $ 450 USD/ person
This snowy adventure is sure to give you a taste of Mongolia at it’s most beautiful and leave you feeling refreshed and energized. Join us to experience the Mongolian Lunar New Year and celebrate this symbolic fresh start with [...]

August 9-18 / September 13-20 / October 11-20 / November 1-10

The Headwaters of the Yellow River

9 nights / 10 days 6-15 $ 2170 USD/ person
Adventure awaits as we explore the glacier of one of Tibet’s holiest mountains, Amnye Machen, and the headwaters of the Yellow River, China’s second longest river.

Thangka Paintings and Yak Yoghurt

1 night / 2 days 2-25 $ 317 USD/ person
Come sample a staple of the Tibetan diet: a cup of creamy freshly made yak yoghurt. Then explore Qinghai’s largest monastery, Longwu Monastery, famous for it’s intricate Thangka paintings. With over 800 monks you’ll be sure to find something [...]

Kanbula and Labrang

2 nights / 3 days 2-25 $ 416 USD/ person
Kanbula National Park is one of Qinghai’s greatest natural treasures. Seated near the banks of the Yellow River, Kanbula offers incredible free standing finger-like sandstone formations. Then travel to Labrang town to wander through Labrang monastery and be amazed [...]

Amdo Soul

11 nights / 12 days 2-10 $ 2207 USD/ person
Amdo is the traditional Tibetan region found on the northeast area of the Tibetan Plateau located in modern day Qinghai, southwest Gansu and northern Sichuan provinces. Amdo is home to over 25% of the total Tibetan population of China [...]

Please Inquire

Red Rocks and Monasteries

4 nights / 5 days 2-20 $ Please Inquire USD/ person
This trip has it all. We pack in a huge amount of diversity in just 5 days. Camping under the stars on top of a 3,500 meter sandstone cliff. Hiking through a miniature Grand Canyon to the top of [...]

Wild Golok: The tribe of the Yellow River

13 nights /14 days 2-15 $ 2207 USD/ person
The Golok Tibetan people live in some of the wildest and most magnificent lands in all the Tibetan Plateau. Is this in depth overland tour we start in Chengdu and finish in Xining and see the mighty Nyenbo Yurtse [...]

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