Day 1 → Arrive in Xining at 2,300 meters, pick up at XNN airport 

Arrive into Xining XNN airport by mid-afternoon.

Pick up at the XNN airport.

Introduction Dinner and sleep in a hotel in Xining.

Day 2 → Acclimatization Day, Hike Youning Monastery 3,500 meters

Drive 1.5 hours from Xining to see Youning Monastery, one of Amdo's 4 great monateries.  Today we will hike to a Buddhist hermitage site and then have a picnic at 3,500 meters during a lovely day hike that will help us acclimatize for the big mountain later in the week.

Sleep in a hotel in Xining.

Day 3 → Train to Ge Er Mu (Golmud), Altitude 2,800 meters

Afternoon train 7 hours into GeErMu in western Qinghai Province from Xining.

Gear Check and evening meeting to discuss the plan for climbing the mountain.

Day 4 → Ge er mu to Xi Da Tan, Altitude 4,200 meters

Drive 2-3 hours from GeErMu to Xi Da Tan. Acclimatize to the high elevation and enjoy the local specialities (especially the grilled meat) of Xi Da Tan.

Day 5 → Xi Da Tan to YuZhu Feng Southern Slope Base Camp (BC), Altitude 5,050 meters

Drive 2 hours from Xi Da Tan to the Southern Slope Base Camp and continue adapting to acclimatize properly.

Day 6 → Yuzhu Feng Base Camp, Altitude 5,050 meters

A complete day to acclimatize at base camp.

Day 7 → Base Camp, Altitude 5,050 meters to glacier, climb to 5,300 meters for training

After breakfast we will climb to the glacier for training on how to use crampons, ice axe, and to learn how to ascend the glacier.

Day 8 → Base Camp to Camp 1, Altitude 5,600 meters

Climb from Yuzhu Feng Base Camp to Camp 1. Approximately 5 hours of climbing to 5,600 meters. After arrival prepare to go the summit the next day. Shortly after dinner we will go to bed early to have the energy to complete the climb in the morning.

Day 9 → Camp 1 to Summit (Altitude 6,178 meters), Summit to Base Camp, Base Camp to Ge Er Mu

This is our longest and most rewarding day:  Summit Day!

Depart Camp 1 at 3 AM for a 6-8 hour climb to the summit at 6,178 meters ( 20,269 feet). Return to Camp 1 and gather personal belongings and descend 3 hours back to Base Camp. After a short rest at Base Camp drive 3-4 hours back to Ge Er Mu for a night at the hotel.

Enjoy the best sleep of your life!

Day 10 → Spare Contingency Day OR Rest Day

An extra day if it is necessary to change the program due to weather conditions.

Day 11 → Depart GeErMu, Altitude 2,800 meters

Departure day to head back home after a successful trip to the mountains.

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