Day 1 → Arrive in Lanzhou

We will meet you at the Lanzhou airport or train station and provide a pick up back to your hotel.

Day 2 → Depart Lanzhou, Drive to Labrang

8:00am - Eat breakfast at or near hotel in Lanzhou

8:30am - Drive to Liujiaxia Resevoir

10:30am - Arrive at Liujiaxia Reservoir and take a boat to Bingling Monastery

11:30am- Arrive at Bingling Si, boat excursion to the 1000 Buddhas Grotto, visit the grottos

2:15pm - Depart Liujiaxia Reservoir for Labrang (Xiahe) at 2,900 meters, drive 210km

7:00pm - Arrive Labrang, Check into hotel in Labrang, rest

7:30pm  - Eat Tibetan style dinner

8:30pm - Settle in Hotel in Labrang

Day 3 → Explore Labrang Monastery

8:00am - Eat breakfast in hotel in Labrang

9:00am - Early morning walk to Labrang Thangka wall for pictures

9:30am - Tour Labrang Monastery and short hike to 3,000 meters

12:30pm - Lunch in Labrang

2:00pm- Set off from Labrang to drive 107km to Rebkong (Tongren) at 2,800 meters

5:00pm - Arrive in Rebkong, check into hotel

6:00pm - Authentic Tibetan dinner

8:00pm - Rest and sleep in Tibetan style hotel

Day 4 → Drive to Rebkong, explore Longwu Monastery

8:30am - Eat breakfast in hotel

9:30am - Explore Rebkong Longwu Monastery (with over 800 monks)

12:30pm - Eat lunch in Rebkong

1:30pm- Drive 10km to Rebkong Wutun Monastery, see Thangka paintings

3:30pm - Drive 165km to Xining

6:00pm - Arrive in Xining, settle into hotel

7:00pm Dinner in Xining

8:00pm - Return to hotel, rest.

Day 5 → Qinghai Lake Day Trip

8:30am - Eat breakfast in hotel

9:30am - Drive 150km to the south shore of Qinghai Lake

12:30pm - Eat a picnic lunch on the lake shore, relax by the lake

3:30pm - Drive back to Xining

6:30pm - Dinner and rest

8:00pm - Sleep in hotel in Xining

Day 6 → Xining to Zhangye, Mati Grottoes

7:00am- Depart Xining hotel

7:15am - Arrive at Xining train station and check in

8:43am - Catch train D2741 from Xining to Zhangye

10:38am- Arive Zhangye (at 1,474 meters in elevation) train station, pick up at the station by a local driver

11:30am - Lunch in Zhangye or along the way to Mati Temple Grottoes

12:30am - Drive 65km to Mati Temple Grottoes

2:00pm - Arrive grottoes and explore for the afternoon

5:00pm- Drive back to Zhangye

7:00pm Dinner in Zhangye

9:00pm - Rest in hotel in Zhangye

Day 7 → Zhangye Danxia Formations, Jiayuguan Great Wall

8:00am - Eat breakfast in hotel in Zhangye

9:00am - Early morning visit to Zhangye Dafo Temple (the giant buddha)

10:00am - Drive 32km to Zhangye Danxia National Park

11:00am - Arrive at Danxia formations

1:00pm- Set off to drive 225km to Jiayuguan, lunch along the way

4:00pm - Arrive at Jiayuguan Great Wall, explore and climb the wall

5:30pm - Depart Great Wall

6:00pm - Arrive Jiayuguan at 1,462 meters and settle into hotel

7:00pm - Dinner in nearby hotel

8:00pm - Rest and sleep in hotel in Jiayuguan

Day 8 → Drive to Dunhuang, Dunhaung Sand Dunes and Night Market

8:00am - Breakfast in hotel

9:00am- Meet in lobby of hotel. Drive 374km to Dunhuang

2:00pm - Arrive at hotel in Dunhuang at 1,142 meters and rest and settle

2:30pm - In the afternoon explore the sand dunes near Dunhuang

6:00pm- Return to Dunhuang, dinner. 

Explore Dunhuang night market

8:30pm - Sleep in hotel in Dunhuang

Day 9 → Mogao Grottoes

8:30am - Eat breakfast in hotel

9:30am -Drive to Mogao Grottoes

10:15pm - Arrive at Mogao Grottoes, spend the day exploring the caves and paintings

5:00pm - Return to Dunhuang, early dinner in town

6:30pm - Arrive at Dunhuang train station

8:07pm - Catch train Y669 (or similar) from Dunhuang to Lanzhou

Day 10 → Depart Lanzhou

7:19am - Arrive at Lanzhou train station on train Y669 (or similar)

Breakfast in town and transfer to LHW airport or Lanzhou train station

10:00am- Arrive at Lanzhou LHW airport for check in

Tour officially ends

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