Day 1 → Arrive in Xining or Lanzhou

Airport pickup and transfer to Hotel (about a 1 hour drive from airport)

2:30pm - If you are in Lanzhou, explore Lanzhou (ride bikes around river, see Iron Bridge).  If you are in Xining, see Dongguan Mosque, Kumbum Monastery, or the Tibetan Medical Museum in the afternoon.

6:00pm - Dinner in town.

8:30pm - Return to 5 star hotel, sleep in in Lanzhou or Xining.

Day 2 → Transfer to Labrang and luxury tent camp

8:00am - Eat breakfast at or near hotel.

8:30am - Drive 4 hours to Labrang at 2,900 meters

1:00pm- Arrive at Labrang town for lunch, explore the town

2:00pm - Hike 1 hour above monastery to 3,300 meters, see Labrang monastery

6:00pm - Arrive in luxury camp to experience luxury tents in the grasslands

6:30pm - Settle into luxury tent or cabins, eat dinner

Day 3 → Horse Trekking around Labrang

8:00am - Breakfast in luxury tent  in Labrang grasslands

9:00am - Horse trekking in the grasslands at 3,200 meters

1:00pm - Lunch at luxury camp

2:00pm-  Afternoon to learn about nomad culture or hike

6:00pm - Dinner at luxury camp

8:00pm - Rest and sleep

4 → Explore Nomadic Culture

8:30am - Eat breakfast in luxury tent or cabin

9:30am - Visit a nomadic cooperative and learn about local textile production that supports the Labrang Tibetan community

-OR- take a hike or a birdwatching trip

12:30pm - Eat lunch at luxury camp

1:00pm - Afternoon to relax or practice yoga or meditation

5:30pm - Enjoy a Spa/Finnish Sauna treatment

7:30pm- Evening bonfire and stargazing

5 → Explore Nomadic Culture, return to Lanzhou or Xining

8:30am - Breakfast in the luxury tent or cabin

9:30am - Morning to enjoy the grasslands and relax

12:30pm- Final lunch in the luxury camp

2:00pm-  Depart for Lanzhou or Xining

6:30pm- Arrive Xining or Lanzhou, sleep hotel

6 → Depart Xining or Lanzhou

Fly out of Xining XNN or Lanzhou LHW airport


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