Day 1 → Arrive in Lijiang, Yunnan

Pick up at Lijiang airport

Transfer to Hotel

Arrive at Hotel and check in. Settle into hotel and rest

Day 2 → Drive to Shaxi Village

8:30am - Eat breakfast at hotel in Lijiang

9:00am - Depart hotel, Drive 97km (1 hour and 40 min.) to Shaxi Old town

11:30am - Check into your historic homestay in Shaxi, eat a local lunch with the Bai people.

1:00pm - Explore Shaxi old town and market, take a relaxing bike ride through the countryside and the cobblestone streets OR explore the many shops and the old stone arch bridge

3:00pm - Bai cultural activities around a restored temple

5:30pm - Travel to the the Old Theatre Inn for a night of local dishes and historic performances

8:30pm - Return to homestay for a great nights sleep

Day 3 → Return to Lijiang, explore Baisha and/or Shuhe Old Town

8:00am - Eat breakfast in homestay

9:00am - Enjoy the morning to sip coffee in the courtyard of your hostel and find new treasures among the winding alleys of old Shaxi

11:30am - Lunch in Shaxi

12:30pm - In the afternoon, drive back to Lijiang

2:30pm - Explore Shuhe and/or Baisha Old Town and learn about Naxi writing and calligraphy

5:00pm - Experience a local Naxi Shaman dance

6:30 pm - Dinner in Lijiang

8:00pm - Sleep at a hotel in Lijiang

Day 4 → Drive to Shangri-La via Tiger Leaping Gorge

8:30am - Eat breakfast in hotel

9:00am - Drive  90km (2 hours) to Tiger Leaping Gorge, along the way you will see the first bend of the Yangtze River.

11:30am - View the Gorge from the road, no hiking is needed

12:30pm -Eat lunch near Tiger Leaping Gorge

1:30pm -Drive 103km (2 hours) from Tiger Leaping Gorge to   Shangri-La

3:30 pm - Arrive at hotel, clean up at hotel.

6:00pm - Tibetan style dinner at a local restaurant

8:00pm - Return to hotel to sleep

Day 5 → Explore Shangri-La, Ganden Songzanlin Monastery

8:00am - Breakfast at hotel

9:00am- Take the short drive out of town to visit Ganden Songzalin Monastery, the largest Tibetan monastery in Yunnan Province, aka “The Little Potala Palace"

12:30pm- Lunch in Shangri-La

1:00pm -Walk around Dukezong Ancient Town, an important town own the ancient Tea Horse Trade Caravan.

3:30pm -Walk to the top of Guishan Hill to see the largest prayer wheel in the world and to get a great panoramic view of Shangri-La below

7:30pm - Sleep in hotel in Shangri-La

Day 6 → Pristine Lakes and Pudacuo National Park and forest

8:30am - Eat breakfast at hotel

9:00am - Spend the day at Bita Lake and Shudu Lake in Pudacuo National Park.  This area contains over 20% of China's plant species and 30% of its mammal and bird species.

5:30pm - In the afternoon, return to hotel in Shangri-La

6:30pm - Final dinner in Shangri-La

8:30pm - Sleep in hotel in Shangri-La

Day 7 → Depart Shangri-La, drive to Lijiang

8:00am - Eat breakfast in hotel

9:00am - Spend the morning enjoying old town Shangri-La and walking through the old cobblestone streets and seeing the local markets

12:30pm - Lunch in Shangri-La

1:30pm - Depart hotel  to drive 203km, (4 hours) to Lijiang 

5:30pm - Settle into hotel

6:30pm - Final dinner in Lijiang

7:30pm- Sleep in hotel in Lijiang


Day 8 → Fly out of Lijiang

8:00am - Eat breakfast in hotel

9:00am -Depart hotel  to drive to Lijiang airport 

Arrive at Lijiang LJG airport, check in

Depart Lijiang airport 

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