Day 1 → Arrival in XiangGeLiLa (altitude 3300 meters)

On day one, each climber should arrive in XiangGeLiLa to begin the process of acclimatization. Upon arrival, we will arrange for transport to and accommodation at a cozy hotel.

Day 2 → XiangGeLiLa (altitude 3300 meters)

On day two, each climber will continue the process of adaptation and acclimatization. We will enjoy the sites and delicious cuisine of XiangGeLiLa! 

Day 3 → XiangGeLiLa - Haba Village - Forest and Grassland - Haba Base Camp (altitude 4100 meters)

In the morning, after breakfast, we will set out towards Mount Haba base camp. We will stop for lunch in Haba Village and after lunch we will begin the trek to base camp. We will first pass through a beautifully wooded forest and then pass through a high altitude grassland where we will catch panoramic views of Mount Haba. This trek is about 6 hours by foot or 3 hours horse (if a client chooses to ride a horse, the individual is responsible for the cost).

Day 4 → Haba Base Camp (altitude 4100 meters)

Day four’s top priority is to rest and acclimatize with the comforts of Haba’s Base Camp. In the afternoon, we will have the chance to practice using our harnesses, crampons, and ice axes in preparation for the next day’s summit attempt!

Day 5 → Haba Base Camp - Summit (altitude 5396 meters) - Haba Base Camp OR Haba Village

The day we all have been waiting for, summit day! We will leave for the summit at 3 AM and must arrive at the summit before 11 AM. After the enjoying the breathtaking views at the summit, we will go down the mountain and depending on the condition of the climbers and the weather, we will arrive at Haba Base Camp or Haba Village for some well deserved rest!

Day 6 → Haba Base Camp OR Haba Village - LiJiang (altitude 2400 meters)

After breakfast, we will either continue the trek down from Base Camp to Haba Village and then provide transportation to Lijiang, or if we already have arrived at Haba Village the previous evening we will provide transportation directly from Haba Village to Lijiang.

Day 7 → Depart Lijiang

Departure day to head back home after a successful trip to the mountains. Or you are free to spend a few extra days enjoying the charming town of Lijiang (not covered in the cost of the trip).

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