Day 1 → Arrive Lanzhou

Students arrive in Lanzhou airport from Beijing Pick up at Airport in late afternoon
75 minute transfer from Lanzhou airport to Ibis Hotel in Lanzhou
Introduce program schedule and expectations on the bus
6:00pm- Settle into Ibis Hotel in Lanzhou
7:00pm- Walk 3 minutes down the road to get Lanzhou Niu Rou Mian
8:30pm- Return to hotel and rest

Day 2 → Lanzhou - Labrang

7:10am- Breakfast at Hotel, bring packed luggage down to lobby
7:45am- Depart Hotel, Drive 4 hours
12:30pm- Bus arrives Baoma hotel/ check in
1pm-Lunch at Snowy Mountain Cafe, yak burgers and fries
1:30pm-2:30pm-Scavenger Hunt
3:15pm- Tour Monastery
5:30pm- Tenzin Dolma workshop
7:30pm- 8:30pm Dinner
8:30-9:30- Debrief and toots
9:30pm- lights out

Day 3 → Labrang to Langmusi, Red Rock Cliff Hike in Langmusi

7:00am- Breakfast in Baoma
8:00am - Depart Baoma
8:15am- Stop at Thangka Wall
9:15am- Finish Wall Hike, Drive 3.5 hours
12:30pm- Arrive Langmusi, Lunch at Sichuan restaurant
1:30pm- Red Rocks Hike
6:30pm- Dinner at Leisha’s Restaurant
7:30pm- Debrief and toots
8:45pm- Return to Langmusi JiuDian
Students need to pack 3 bags:
1.) Day pack for the all day hike on May 29
2.) Garbage bag for the nomad tent stay with warm and sleeping clothes
3.) All other clothes, items can go into larger suitcase or backpack
9:00pm - Lights out and sleep

Day 4 → Huagai God Mountain Hike in Langmusi, sleep nomad tent

7:00am- Breakfast at Langmusi JiuDian
8:00am-Depart for Huagai god mt. Hike,
Hike is 15 km total
1:00pm- Picnic Lunch on mountain
6:00pm -Arrive Trailhead in town, meet the bus, transfer to Nomad tent
7:00pm- Settle into nomad tent. If there is time help the nomads here the sheep back to the tent.
7:30pm- Dinner with nomads
8:00pm- Debrief and toots
9:00pm- Lights out

Day 5 → Langmusi to Hezuo

7:00am - Wake up in nomad tent
7:30am- Pack bags and clean tent, Watch nomads milk the yak
8:00am- Contest: Which team can Pick up the most yak poop with gloves
8:30am- Clean up hands and get ready for breakfast
8:35am- Breakfast in nomad tent
9:30am- Learn how to make yak butter, cheese, and yoghurt
10:00am- Nomad activities rotation, 2 groups:
A.) “Sheep Roundup”
 Lasso a sheep or a tent stake in ground
B.) “The Slingshot”
Use dried yak dung to try to hit targets With a Tibetan slingshot
11:00am- Start to make yak dumplings, roll dough, mix meat
12:30pm- Eat lunch together
1:00pm- Pack the bus and say good bye to nomad family
1:15pm- Depart Nomad tent
3.5 hour ride to Hezuo
5:15pm- Arrive at Gusiluo Hotel in Hezuo
Settle in
6:30pm- Dinner in Hezuo
7:30pm- Debrief and Toots
8:00pm-Return to hotel and rest

Day 6 → Hezuo to Lanzhou

8:00am- Breakfast in Hezuo Hotel
9:00am- Walk around Hezuo Monastery kora with pilgrims
10:00am- Tour Milarepa Temple
11:30am- Sketching activity for students
12:30pm- Lunch in Hezuo (restaurant near Milarepa temple)
1:30pm- Depart for Lanzhou
5:30pm-Arrive Lanzhou, settle into Shambala hotel
6:30 - Dinner in Shambala Hotel
7:30- Final Debrief and Toots
8:00pm- Rest

Day 7 → Depart Lanzhou

Morning- breakfast in Shambala Hotel
Depart Hotel to drive 70 minutes to Lanzhou LHW airport
Airport Drop Off, students return to Hong Kong

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