Day 1 → Drive to Rebkong

8:30am - Eat breakfast in hotel in Xining

9:00am - In the morning, drive 3 hours (122km) to Rebkong, a lively Tibetan town known for its monastery

12:30pm - Eat lunch in town including some freshly made yak yoghurt

1:00pm - Explore the back alleys of Longwu Monastery, Qinghai’s largest monastery, to find out what life as a monk is really like. Explore the origins of Tibetan Thangka art as many of the Thangka across Tibet are produced in this monastery.

4:00pm - Drive 14km south of Rebkong to an authentic homestay set against a incredible backdrop of red rock canyons. This will be our cozy home for the next 2 nights.

5:00 pm - Settle into Tibetan homestay, a beautiful traditional courtyard with an all wooden interior in the peaceful Tibetan countryside.

Day 2 → Hot Springs and Village Life

8:30am - Eat breakfast at Tibetan homestay

9:00am -  Spend the morning learning about Tibetan village life and walking by Buddhist meditation caves

1:00pm- Authentic Tibetan lunch with our homestay hosts

1:30pm - Spend the afternoon soaking in a natural hot springs pool in the Tibetan countryside

6:00pm - Dinner in our homestay

7:30pm- Rest and enjoy the peace and quiet

Day 3 → Gartse Monastery and Lhaga Mountain Trek

8:00am - Eat breakfast at homestay

8:30am - Drive  to see Gartse Monastery, a small village monastery near the homestay

10:00am- 2.5 hour hike to Lhaga Mountain.  Here we will summit a peak filled with prayer flags to get a great view of the village below.

1:00pm- Last lunch in Rebkong

2:00pm- Drive 3  hours back to Xining

5:00pm - Finish the tour in Xining, drop off at your hotel or apartment.

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