Day 1 → Arrive Lanzhou

In the morning, we will start our romantic getaway as we meet you in the Lanzhou LHW airport after baggage claim and then transfer 1 hour to our hotel in Lanzhou.

Lunch in Lanzhou then spend the afternoon exploring the BaiTa Temple overlooking Lanzhou or enjoy a romantic stroll along the Yellow River as it passes through downtown Lanzhou. 

4:00pm- Rest in hotel and relax after a long flight.

5:30pm - Go out for an authentic Tibetan dinner in Xining and talk about the schedule for the week.

8:00pm- Settle into our 5 star hotel in Lanzhou for a nice rest.


Day 2 → Lanzhou to Labrang

8:00am - Eat breakfast in our 5 star hotel on Lanzhou

9:00am - Transfer to Lanzhou through the beautiful grasslands of Amdo Tibet.  Along the way we will learn about nomadic culture and the dependence of the Tibetan on the yak.

1:30pm- Lunch in Labrang

2:30pm- Spend the afternoon walking next to Buddhist pilgrims as we tour Labrang Monastery, the most influential Gelugpa monastery outside of the Lhasa region. This monastery has over 1,500 monks and over 300 years of history. After the monastery tour we can do an optional day hike above the monastery to 3,000 meters.

6:00 pm - Tibetan dinner in Labrang then sleep in hotel in Labrang

6:30pm - Free evening to rest or walk the Tibetan markets

8:30pm- Sleep in boutique hotel in Labrang

Day 3 → Bingling Temple and Cave Grottoes

8:00am - Eat breakfast at hotel in Labrang.

8:30am - Drive to Liujiaxia Resevoir

10:30am - Arrive at Liujiaxia Reservoir and take a 40 minute boat ride to Bingling Temple, one of the Silk Road’s finest examples of ancient Buddhist art. The Bingling Temple is a series of grottoes filled with Buddhist sculptures carved into natural caves and caverns in a canyon along the Yellow River. The Bingling Caves were a work in progress for more than a millennium and the first grotto was carved around 420 AD at the end of the Western Qin kingdom.

2:15pm - Depart Liujiaxia Reservoir for Lanazhou (Xiahe) at 2,900 meters (9,514 feet), drive 210km

7:00pm - Arrive  Lanzhou, Check into hotel in Lanzhou

7:30pm  - Final dinner in Lanzhou at Lanzhou night market

8:30pm - Settle in 5 star Hotel in Lanzhou

Day 4 → Depart Lanzhou

8:30am - Eat breakfast in hotel in Lanzhou. Spend the morning in Lanzhou.
9:30am - Depart for Lanzhou airport, 1.5 hours from the city
11:00am - Drop off at Lanzhou airport for your afternoon flight out of Lanzhou LHW airport.

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