If you are up for an adventure in Qinghai Province, make sure you check out the back roads going to Chengduo and Lab Monastery. This is a great side trip if you are traveling from Xining to Yushu.



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The Headwaters of the Yellow River


Introduction to Chengduo

If you are driving the 800km from Xining to Yushu in Kham Tibet you will see that the G214 Highway is all straight and you are pinned in by these green metal barriers that make it hard to get off the beaten track.  If you are a free spirit or an off the track adventurer and you want to get out of the monotony of 12 hours of straight, barren highway – Chengduo is a great choice and offers incredible hiking, remote monasteries, old stone villages, and beautiful views of the pristine Yangzte River drainage. Watch our video above to see everything you need to know about Chengduo and Lab Monastery.


Chengduo Town

Chengduo is a small town of about 50,000 people.  The town itself is pretty sleepy and does not offer anything extraordinary outside of the 3 monasteries located inside the town borders. There are a few hotels here that host foreigners and most of the restaurants are either Tibetan style or Sichuan dishes restaurants.