Are you trying to figure out Chinese New Year travel during COVID-19? See our post and video for the latest updates on travel restrictions including quarantines and closed areas.

Chinese New Year 2021,  travel restrictions with coronavirus


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Chinese New Year is the world’s largest migration of humans in world history.  With over 1.4 Billion People in Mainland China, everyone is asking:

“How will people travel during this great annual migration to their ancestral homes over Chinese New Year 2021 during COVID-19?”

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Chinese New Year, 2021


Travel Restrictions Over Chinese New Year


February 22, 2021

The Beijing local govt has said that the epidemic prevention and control situation in Beijing is now more complicated and severe than in the past few months. All schools in Beijing, including international schools and training centers, are to close all in-person classes from today, February 22, 2021 afternoon, onwards, according to announcements from the Beijing Education Commission.

In a bid to discourage China’s 280 million rural migrant workers to travel to their rural homes during Chinese New year, the National Health Commission announced late on Wednesday that people returning to rural areas from other provinces over the holiday would have to produce a negative COVID-19 test taken within seven days and undergo 14 days of ‘health monitoring’ at their rural home.

Local media reported, stringent pandemic precautions for visitors to the country’s rural areas over Lunar New Year. The Chinese mainland on Wednesday reported 257 new COVID-19 cases, including 113 new asymptomatic cases. 126 were locally transmitted cases, of which 68 were in Heilongjiang, 33 in Jilin, 20 in Hebei, two in Beijing, two in Shanxi and one in Shandong, the National Health Commission said in its daily report.

Amid the biggest wave of new infections since March 2020, millions of residents in Hebei province surrounding Beijing and in the northeastern provinces of Jilin and Heilongjiang have been put into lockdown in recent weeks. Roughly 2,400 people are in hospital or under medical observation across the nation, according to the health authorities.


Helpful Information As You Travel


For more on QR codes, coronavirus tests, and where to travel and if you will need to do a quarantine, check out this great app through WeChat (explanation is in Chinese and English):


Also below is an explanation of the QR code system that can be used via WeChat or Alipay:





Here are the total cases of coronavirus in China as of January 26, 2021


Cases of COVID-19 in China







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